Fun Easter Crafts

used to cover the carton. Cut pink shapes a size smaller and glue them in place in the middle of the ears. Staple the ears to the top of the bunny base so they stand up.

5. For a handle, trim the cut carton side. Cover it with paper, and

staple it to Authentic Taylor Gabriel Jersey the basket.

Potted Flower Springtime Basket

Some store bought kits have elaborate decorations in them such as

beads, stickers, stencils, glitter, wrap around sheaths, and

paints. You can get these at most stores during Easter, or go to

the craft store and get your own raw supplies. Get creative and

let your imagination run wild!

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How to Stuff an Easter Gift Basket

Sure, you can go out to the store and buy a Authentic Andrew Hawkins Jersey ready made Easter basket,

chocked full of candies and toys, but it’s really fun to do this

yourself. The same concept as stuffing a good stocking at

Christmas applies here on Easter. Fill the basket with lots of

treats and even try to personalize the basket to the person who isFirst, get a basket of any Authentic Miles Austin Jersey size or color. If you want to put a bunch of

treats in it, get a big one. If you’re on a budget, find a

smaller one. Put bigger things in the back and small presents up front. Stacking items according to size makes it look Alex Mack Browns Jersey pretty and appealing. Fill in empty spots with chocolate foil wrapped candies, jelly beans, or smaller treats. Donte Whitner Browns Jersey Wrap a big ribbon around the base or handle of the basket and tie it into a ribbon to give it a finished look.